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Veste lo sport, which means Equip the sport in Italian, is the vision of Luigi, creator of the Panzeri brand since 1962 in the village of Monguzzo, near Como in northern Italy.

His dream began on the benches of the renowned Setificio Como, one of the most prestigious textile institutes worldwide. Thus, the creation of sportswear began and has continued for over half a century. The factory remains located in the historical site where most textiles are made, including the timeless Uni Joggers.

As a pioneer in digital sublimation printing, Panzeri produced printed jerseys and pants to replace the embroidery on sports jerseys. 


safe & environmentally friendly

Initially intended for professionals, the Italian know-how was gradually democratized to equip amateurs to allow a more comfortable practice of sports activity.

From the 1980s onwards, the brand spread thanks to partnerships with European professional sports clubs, which quickly enabled Panzeri to become one of the leaders in the indoor sports market.

Popular with dance, basketball and volleyball enthusiasts, the brand has also attracted the general public’s interest, who enjoy wearing timeless, colourful and cozy designs unique to Panzeri clothing.

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Before North America. 

safe & environmentally friendly

Buoyed by these successes, Panzeri has celebrated a collaboration with the French Dance Federation to be the official equipment supplier of dancers in France since 2020.

In 2021, the brand will take a new step in international development, launching Panzeri’s official store across the Atlantic in Canada

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Norbert Profil


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Panzeri Canada

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