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Sports Equipment in Action

 We distribute premium Italian sports gear, crafted in Italy, to clubs, sports associations, and schools.
Customization options available to meet your specific needs.

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Customization, how does it work?

Elevate your Team's Identity with Panzeri's custom sports gear!
Discover how our equipment can be customized to your club, school, or sports association's unique needs.

Watch the video below to see the customization process in action!

Here are the steps to follow :

1. Click on the Panzeri link to access the customization page. 

(Some browsers do not work for accessing customization, so feel free to try several different ones).


2. Click on the "Product" tab at the top right and choose the Panzeri item to customize.

3. Customize your item by changing the color, adding your text, and your logo.

4. Click on the "Built PDF" tab at the bottom in the middle and download it.

5. Send your PDF to the following address:

Any questions about our sports equipment

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