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Panzeri Canada is proud to present its ambassadors. 
Learn to discover them!


Personal trainer

Recognizing her passion for helping others combined with her love for an active lifestyle, becoming a certified personal trainer seemed like the right fit. Her focus when training is on our mind-body awareness and how movement in various ways positively affects all aspects of our life.


Personal trainer

Leila is an ACE certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach. Passionate about fitness, Leila helps clients of any level to enjoy their journey, whether they want to improve their sport performance, reduce health risks, or look and feel better. Leila will motivate, enable and make training a fun and rewarding experience.

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Capoeira instructor

Lucas D'Eramo, also known as Modelo, is a Capoeira instructor passionate about the art of movement. He has been blending the richness of Capoeira since 2008, incorporating the grace of acrobatics and the work of hand balances into my practice. His journey in the world of movement has also led him to become a certified yoga instructor, bringing balance and flexibility to martial arts practice to aid learning and prevent injuries. Apart from his love for movement, he is a certified naturopath, trainer, and expert in natural products.

sports clubs

With its "Veste Lo Sport" mantra which means "Equip the sport", Panzeri is proud to equip: 

Spacer's Toulouse Volley

Volleyball - France

Leonardo Fabbri

Shot put - Italy

Saint Raphaël Var Volley-Ball

Volleyball - France

fédération française de danse

Dance - France

Libertas Brianza Pallavolo Cantù

Volleyball - Italy

Atletica OSA Saronno

Athletism - Italy

Nice Volley-Ball

Volleyball - France

Atletica Lecco

Athletism - Italy

Atletica Mariano

athletism - italy

C.S. Alba Volley

Volleyball - italy


Volleyball - germany

Atletica rovellasca

Athletism - italy

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