Uni Joggers
Uni Joggers
Uni Joggers

Uni Joggers

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Uni Joggers
Uni Joggers
Uni Joggers
Uni Joggers

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What you should know!

The Panzeri UNI Joggers sweatpants are the ideal companion for your next dancing, CrossFit or HIIT session.

100% natural cotton fibre: for long lasting comfort and quality that always feels good, one wash after the next.
Fully adjustable: move freely and find the ideal fit for your warm ups, cool downs, and everything in between.
Colourful: choose your way to sport the iconic Panzeri - Veste lo sport logo. Want a special combination? Let us know!

Why choose this jogger?


Enjoy complete freedom of movement thanks to a 100% Italian cotton fabric that strikes the right balance between comfort and performance.


Move, wash, repeat.
Your UNI Joggers will be ready for your next workout, and the one after that.


Go the distance with lightweight and breathable materials that make the UNI Joggers easy to wear all day.


Wear an icon.
True to its name, the Panzeri UNI Joggers have been the expression of an active lifestyle for more than 70 years. Because quality and design never go out of style.